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Tomcat Science Chairs

The Tomcat Science Chairs have been designed for pupils in mainstream education with wide ranging special needs and they are particularly suited to restricted growth conditions.
Their unique design allows most ambulant and semi-ambulant pupils of 80cm and above to sit independently. Therefore Carer assistance is normally limited to setup, transport and storage only.
Tomcat Science Chair’s versatility and interchangeable accessories mean that a pupil can use the same chair from primary school right through to University. Similarly it can be changed to suit the differing needs of an entirely new pupil.
Non-slip feet ensure it cannot strike out unexpectedly but when moving is necessary, a flick of a lever lifts the chair onto independent castors which enable easy movement between locations. Retractable step and footrest features make the Science Chair easy to store when not in use.
The Tomcat Science Chair combines excellent postural support with an office style, that is very popular with pupils and its innovative technology has seen the Science Chair earn a prestigious DTI SMART Award for technical innovation.

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Main features:

  • Fully independent sitting at high desks, low desks, workbenches and tables
  • Maintains the correct postural position throughout the day
  • Fully upholstered seat and backrest
  • Various Backrest Bracket depths to suit all user heights (80 cm upwards)
  • Desk heights between 53cm & 91cm
  • Attractive ‘Office Style’
  • Little or no ‘Manual Handling’ for Care Assistants
  • Default fixed feet ensure user safety at all times and prevent ‘striking out’
  • Integrated Castor Transport Base for chair transfer or storage
  • Easy ‘kneehole’ storage
  • Same chair can last an entire school career (with upgrades)
  • Laterally Adjustable Arms provide Pelvic support and easy gripping for getting on and off
  • Sidestepper™ Backrest System, allows user to sit ‘very close to table’ if required
  • Retractable Step with Legs
  • Retractable Footrest and Flip-up Footrests
  • Minimal Office or classroom disruption
  • Designed to work with existing office, classroom furniture
  • Full Customising Service
  • CE Marked, Class I Medical Device
  • Patent Application No. GB 0218522.1