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The only custom-built trike manufacturer

Tomcat trikes™ are unique, not just in the UK but throughout the world

Since 1999 design engineer, Bob Griffin, has given the special needs cycling industry such innovations as Carer Control, Trailer Trike, Swivel Saddle and lots more. Many of these innovations have become industry standards throughout Europe, but to this day, Tomcat remain the only mainstream trike manufacturer to custom build tricycles to our very unique riders, unique requirements.

Because we design, build and deliver to our customers from our Gloucestershire factory, the price you pay goes on quality, new innovation and service, not international transportation and middle men. That’s what makes Tomcat the top choice.

Our business is an ongoing process of learning, and inventing, and overcoming and we frequently have complex cases referred to us by children’s hospitals, pediatricians and therapists. We are very grateful to the many charities who support us, and understand what we do. For them and for us there can be few more rewarding jobs than changing lives.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so if you are unsure why we take so much trouble, why we are so often imitated, and why a five year old Tomcat recently sold for £820; take a look at Mia’s story. To provide the service and innovation we offer, we an cost a little more, but to Cyclists Fighting Cancer who funded Mia’s trike; the little extra was great value for money because it worked. To Mia and her family – it’s priceless.

Trike manufacturer premises

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A message from Bob Griffin

We are very grateful to Mike Grisenthwaite of Cyclists Fighting Cancer, who’s fantastic charity funded Mia’s trike and gave us permission to use this remarkable video which was filmed at Tomcat on collection day.  The filming took twenty minutes and you might be interested to see how she gradually cycles faster and faster over that time!  A memorable day indeed.

Thank you

Bob Griffin, Managing Director, Tomcat Special Needs Innovation Ltd

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