Case Studies

You might expect the boffins at Tomcat to have bushy beards, wear knitted jumpers and sit about, drinking tea whilst coming up with really interesting ideas. In fact, hair is in short supply in our design office and all the bright ideas come from you, the customer.

Because we custom build all our trikes, you are always asking us for something special. First we decide if it’s a good or a bad idea. If it’s likely to kill or maim it goes in the “bad idea” box, but if it’s good, we have a cup of tea, design something devilishly ingenious, have another cup of tea, then make it in the workshop.

Just in case something life threatening has been overlooked; it’s tested to destruction by our apprentice James, who wears a silly hat. He can be seen at work, putting yet another Tomcat through a series of utterly pointless stunts.

In this section you can read about the many children and parents who wanted something special, and in so doing, helped us change lives forever because with really good ideas – there’s no going back now!