Having a child with special needs can be costly. For some families, obtaining essential specialised equipment and even good quality of life would be impossible without the help of charities.

CharitiesA Tomcat trike can suit more special needs than any other. The tricycle is the perfect invention for the general health, social interaction and physical therapy of a child with special needs. Charities know all this, which is why they are happy to fund Tomcat tricycles. They know your trike will be used and loved and their money well spent.

People often worry about approaching charities, but for them to be successful in helping others they need causes as well as contributions. So if your child or your family will genuinely miss out without their help, they will want you to apply.

Each charity gets set up to help in a different area of special needs where help was needed, for example to help a specific community with a particular disability or circumstance. Who to approach and how, can be a little confusing, but our day to day knowledge and close links with the charities means we can provide all the help and advice you need. We have listed just some of the charities with information about each so you have somewhere to start.

Have you thought about private fundraising? Some people find the idea of this a bit daunting, but it needn’t be! Check out our ideas page here to get you started.

List of Charities in UK

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