Check your size

It is very simple to check what is the Twisters size that you need: 

1) first have a look at the video and check the conversion charts (beneath the video);

2) Then, verify by downloading the Sizing Template below.


twisters conversion chart children
finale TABELLA DI CONVERSIONE EURO del 21-01-2015 adult



First, follow the “Check My Size” video’s instructions e find your size in the above Conversion Chart.

After that, to verify the size you’ve got as a result, follow the next steps:

1 – Choose if you want to print a left foot or  right foot Sizing Template;

2 – Click on the size you’ve got from the “Check My Size” measurement;

3 – Download the pdf Sizing Template:

4 – print the Sizing Template as “actual size” (not “shrink to fit” option in your printer);

5 – to verify that the print is right, measure the red bar bottom right: it must be 10 cm;

6 – place the sheet on the ground;

7 – place splinted foot on the sheet: it must be contained within the outline.

RIGHT FOOT Children’s Sizing Template                LEFT FOOT Children’s Sizing Template

Should you have any doubt about sizing, please contact us using the contact form and specify “SIZING” in the subject field