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bespokeBeing a company that builds bespoke trikes also means that we always listen to our customers and friends.

Many times, we started to design a new tricycle or an innovative solution for this very reason. This is our attitude and is well written in our DNA.

Our new website has been online for a few months and has been designed specifically for those families that have already a Tomcat trike as well as for all who could benefit from riding it.

It is precisely for this reason that now we would like to ask you, the real users of the site, what type of topic would you like to see, what areas would you like to be in-depth or, simply, how can we improve it so that you enjoy it more and get the best from our contents.

Therefore, we would be grateful if you could spend few minutes leaving your comments below because, as usual, we would love to hear from you.


  1. mrs smith 24/01/2016 Reply

    lovely website, would be nice to see maintenance how to’s on here. for example fixing new pedal strap on pedals to stop them rotating etc.

    • Author
      Tomcat SNI 25/01/2016 Reply

      Thanks Mrs Smith, we’re actually working on that! We’re planning to improve the website with a reserved customers area where you will be able to look to all manuals, request spare parts and get in touch with our technical dept. for any issue you could have. When it will be ready, probably in the next 2 months, you’ll receive your own access credentials to access to all Tomcat’s technical material

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