Hands & Arms Support


One of the accessories we offer with our trikes, where we feel they are needed, are Mitts. They have been developed by The Active Hands Company to help with weak grip and poor muscle tone meaning that children who – for many reasons – may not be able to keep their hands on the handlebars, and arms may flap around and interrupt the cycling.


The mitts have these main benefits; they are good for posture, and keep the upper body in a cycling position, they are good for spacial awareness and they are good for discipline and act as a training aid. A pair may be needed or maybe just the one.

It is worth mentioning that some children do not get on well with them and don’t like that their hands are tied down. They are to be used inter-mitt-ently (couldn’t resist) with common sense on behalf of the parent or Carer. You could be advised about these Mitts at the time of assessment, or you may wish to look into them independently. You could get them through us or directly through their website: www.activehands.co.uk

They aren’t just useful for handlebars either, there are lots of ways to use them… from a handlebar to a hammer (not necessarily recommended!) to a Wii controller!



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