Happy birthday Tom!

Happy Birthday Tom

Saturday 25th July is Tom’s birthday. This date is very special to us.

Tom Baker was an 8 year old boy with Angelman Syndrome. For him Bob Griffin invented the Carer Control.

Tom had a much disrupted sleep pattern, which was exhausting for his mother (Bob’s wife). She said, “If only I could tire him out, he would sleep and so could I.”
Tom loved to ride his old trike, but like all other trikes at that time, it only offered a push pull rod as a means of parental control. As Tom had no idea about steering or braking that meant walking backwards if Anne was to keep an eye on him, and that was clearly impractical for any distance. Bob, being an engineer, modified the old trike so that it had a dynamic control arm at the rear. That meant that by moving the arm to left and right, the trike steered left and right.

Tom’s very first ride was a round trip of 3.5 miles. Not bad for a boy with Angelman Syndrome who could only walk about 300 yards. Needless to say Tom slept like a log that night and a simple idea was turned into one of those rare inventions with the power to change lives.

Tom is the reason why Tomcat SNI exists;

Tom is the reason why more than 7000 children were, and are, enjoying riding a Tomcat Trike. So…