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Welcome to our Innovations page – Innovation is a word that gets thrown round around lot. Every business likes to use the word whenever they can: ‘Our products are 100% innovative innovation, and that is why you need to buy them”. Every budding business person braving Dragon’s Den or The Apprentice knows to at least nod towards this buzz word ‘Innovation’…. but what does it actually mean?

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‘Innovate:  to create, to invent, to bring something new to an environment, to take the lead or initiative, to present for the first time in public’

Tomcat innovations are widely adopted by other companies but we alone design and build each trike to suit your special requirements and guarantee to get it right.  That’s why we have won the prestigious 2013 Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

Check out some of our innovations on the right hand side to see exactly how special we really are!!

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