Owners Club

Tomcat Owners Club

Owning a Tomcat is like being in a club. Once you’ve got one, you tell your friends, then they get one, and soon enough, everyone’s got one! The aftercare we provide means that Tomcat remains a family friend for years to come, and we all become part of a much wider community.

Tomcat is a friendly, ethical and supportive business, driven by our desire to bring the disabled community together. We do need to make money to invest in our future, but first and foremost, our business is about people. “Who” we can help, and “How we can help them”, is exactly what this page is all about.

Facebook, Twitter and the Tomcat Blog

You can also share friendship, support and information on our Facebook pages, Twitter and Tomcat’s blog. Come and join us!

Charities Page

On our Charities Page you will find advice and information on charities that may help you fund your Trike.

Give and Take Scheme

Our Give and Take scheme is there for when your child outgrows their Tomcat. We’ll pick it up, service it, and donate it to a good home like a school or a hospice where many more children can benefit from it.