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Tomcat Science Chairs have been purpose designed for schoolchildren with special needs to participate in mainstream education. Designed in consultation with Occupational Therapists in Gloucestershire, the Science Chair will enable students to sit at desks across the entire curriculum. The caseloads of these OTs included: Restricted Growth, Cerebral Palsy, Cardiac, Muscular and Spinal problems, Poor Balance and Low Tone Conditions. Tomcat’s innovative design solved the support and posture problems and enabled fully independent sitting, standing and transfer.

The Tomcat Science Chair features a step, swivel seat, footrest, variable depth backrests, laterally adjustable arms and self-locking castor base for easy handling. Each Science Chair is built to address the needs of the individual child and by periodically changing components, the same chair will last an entire school career, making it a very cost effective solution. The latest version of the chair is ideal for very young children at lower level desks of 51cm. Each chair is custom built and we are happy to participate in the assessment process with Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapists, SENCOs and Parents/Carers. The Tomcat Chair is CE Marked and is a Class 1 Medical Device.

chairs-victoriaTomcat is now helping pupils with all kinds of disabilities to overcome the challenges of integrating in mainstream education and take a full and active part in the entire school curriculum. From primary school to university and across the entire curriculum, the Science Chair is very often the only solution to this widespread problem and versions are also available for home and office use. Comfort, style and appearance are very important too and the Science Chair’s ‘studio’ style and good looks create an inclusive atmosphere and it is often the envy of friends and colleagues!

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