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trailer combination


The Tomcat Trailer Trike is available either as a standalone ‘Tag-along’, which can be attached to a standard bicycle or as a ‘Combination’ when purchased with or for a Tomcat Trike. Utilising the unique Tomcat Two-Piece Frame, the ‘Combination’ option enables the rider to either go out with the parent/carer controlling the Tomcat Trike or by detaching the two-piece frame and attaching to an ordinary bicycle, going out as a ‘Tag-along’.

For the ‘Combination’ there are 3 parts; the Tomcat Trike rear wheels (which work with both the Trailer and Trike), the Tomcat Trike top frame and the Tomcat Trailer. The frames detach/attach in seconds and without any tools! A simple ‘switch’ enables the trike to change from fixed wheel to free wheel depending on the mode (ie Trike or Trailer).

Trailer TrikeSpecial Needs TrikeTrailer Trike

Benefits, Features and Options

  • Tomcat Trailer Trike attaches to any standard bicycle
  • Innovative design and high quality engineering produces style and great looks
  • Custom-built ensuring greatest possible lifespan
  • Tomcat Trailer/Trike Combination – Comprising Tomcat Two-Piece Frame and Tomcat Trailer for easy transportation and storage – separates/assembles in seconds without tools
  • Switch from fixed wheel to free wheel

A range of accessories are available to aid comfort and posture, including:

  • Foot-shoes
  • Security Backrest (easy access and fully adjustable)
  • Upholstered Backrest (fully adjustable) available with any of the following: lateral supports, waistcoat & head support
  • Thoracic and Pelvic supports
  • Leg Supports
  • Swivel Saddle
  • Pommel
  • Rocking Handlebars
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