When it comes to supporting Tomcat, no one says it better than you. We receive lots of photographs and letters of gratitude for the work that we do.

We have testimonials from both professionals and parents and we are thrilled that our kit is held in such high regard by both. Simply click on one to read the full testimonial or click ‘Play’ on to watch the videos.

We would love to hear how you’re getting on with your new Tomcat! Send us a letter or some snaps either through the post, email us or get them on Facebook. Get in touch! Our details are on our contact page.

  • “…it’s the first time he’s got on the bike and rode it himself – I’m very excited”

    Louis’ mum

  • “You really do have a very excited Tomcat Trike owner!”

    Bethany’s mum

  • “We have taken her out on it every day (weather permitting) and she has really taken to it”

    Emily’s parents

  • “We can already see the benefits after a five minute trial”

    Emily’s mum

  • “Amazing trikes! We have the tiger trike and my son loves it :)”


  • “At last we are able to enjoy being in the big outdoors as a family…”

    Harry’s parents

  • “The Tomcat staff were brilliant, absolutely brilliant”

    Dylan’s parents

  • “You kept your promise to get ready the bicycle for summer and we got it! Thank you for your professionalism in making the tricycle adaptable for Samy’s needs, you knew the right pieces to add for Samy’s comfort and safety”

    Samy’s mum

  • “Fantastic equipment and fantastic people. Cannot recommend them enough!!”


  • “Tomcat trikes are simply amazing! We bought a Tiger for our son and it has given him the independence we thought we could only dream of. He loves it so much and it gives us so many opportunities to enjoy being outside as a family. I cannot praise the staff enough for their help too along the way. Huge thumbs up. Thank you Tomcat, from the bottom of our hearts!”


  • “We have really appreciated the level of support and the time you took when planning and adapting the trike specifically for Freddie and setting it up perfectly for him when we came to collect it.”

    Freddie’s parents

  • “She cycles to school on her trike every day… Thank you so much for working with us to get the trike right for Alice”


  • “Cycling now is one of our main family leisure activities”

    Sonia and Joseph’s parents

  • “Our assessor, Kevin, made our son feel totally at ease. The trikes are fantastic it was very emotional watching my boy do something I thought he never would. Can’t wait to get one I am so overwhelmed and grateful”


  • “My daughter absolutely loves her tomcat. It gives her so much freedom, it was a near impossible dream to seek her ride a bike and tomcat made it come true. Thank you so very much xxx”


  • “It has improved her quality of life and enabled her to pedal alongside her peers”


  • “Everyone came out to admire my new set of wheels; I was like a Princess”


  • “It has been a real pleasure to see Ben develop on to using the trike totally on his own”


  • Hiya. A lady came yesterday and deliverd my daughter’s trike she asked us to send a picture of her on her trike.
    I can’t believe she can ride a bike. Olivia has Spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and we never thought she would be able to ride a bike but you have made this possible. I’m so grateful. She rode it for the first time today on her own, after only getting it yesterday.

  • “The level of sophistication of the system gives a lot of reassurance to the parents”

    Cyclists Fighting Cancer

  • “Amazing I cant wait to get my daughters bike she loved it”


  • “…of all the products we saw, this was the most fit for purpose for James”

    James’ parents

  • “To see children who have never had the opportunity to ride independently, or even with assistance, realise a potential they or their parents could never have second guessed before was truly wonderful.”

    Carmen Fairclough (Occupational Therapist)

  • “As a family we will be able to go off out for the day and have fun”

    Megan’s family

  • “….a big thank you for the best engineered bikes and customer service there is.”

    Ben Jones (Seashell Trust)