The Fizz Trike

Suitable for children with mild to severe vision, learning and physical difficulties.

All Tomcat Trikes are bespoke builds, please call 01452 616 900 to discuss your requirements.

The Tomcat Trike

The Tomcat tricycle is designed to suit the needs of children and adults with mild to severe disabilities, whether learning, visual or physical. Each trike is custom built to suit their individual needs. Because it was designed as a platform for Tomcat’s signature invention – Carer Control™ – the whole concept of the new design is about outdoor fun and making real journeys to real places. The Tomcat is safe and stable, yet lightweight and very easy to assemble and transport. Its ergonomic design is attractive and effortless to use.

Carer Control™ is a patented system whereby carers can fully control a trike in any outdoor situation, for example town traffic or country roads. Its partner innovation Carer Braking™ provides outdoor safety for riders who steer competently but are not danger aware. See the Carer Control accessory page for more details.

Each Tomcat Trike carries our Customer Satisfaction Promise.

Because we custom build each trike and our success rate is so high, each Tomcat carries our customer satisfaction promise so you can be sure your trike is the very best that money can buy. You can read more on the Tomcat Promise page.

The Fizz

Two Piece Frame with quick release. Suitable for children with mild to severe vision, learning and physical difficulties. Also Restricted Growth conditions. Can be converted to a trailer.

Fact File 

To get the best from his Carer Control invention, Bob Griffin, needed a stable, lightweight trike, suitable for outdoor use. As most special needs trikes were best suited to school use, he designed the Tomcat from scratch including all the features a parent might want from an outdoor trike. The first Tomcat was made for Nathan Fisher and over 5000 have since been sold to schools and individuals as far afield as Chernoble. The design processes underwent extensive re-development with significant improvements in manufacturing and functionality.

The Tomcat Fizz is the new sporty lightweight trike from Tomcat, it’s stylis oval frame give the Fizz immense strength and stability with less weight whilst an extra long wheelbase makes the Fizz very stable at speed. Ideally suited to multi speed drives, trailer trike conversions and Tomcats new “Latch on” trailer bar.

  • Extra long wheel base improves stability
  • Easily convert to a Trailer Trike
  • Features an optional “latch on” Trailer bar
  • Quick-Release Frame system
  • Single or multi-speed drives
  • Choice of 3 Control Types
  • And Tomcats Customer satisfaction promise


Children over 95cm tall through to adults, with visual impairment, mild to severe learning difficulties and/or mild to severe physical disabilities. Please see the Road Hog for sports trikes, the Tiger for smaller children, the Tamara for hoist users or the Ready Steady Go for Hand Propelled trikes.

Optional Accessories

Most Tomcat accessories are available including

  • Tomcat Carer Control™ or Carer Braking™ systems
  • wide range of foot, leg, pelvis, trunk and head support systems
  • Mitts by Active hands, made to Tomcat’s design
  • Customisation is available for most Tomcat Accessories
  • Special supports can be made for third party equipment such as oxygen bottles and evacuation pumps
  • Can be retrospectively upgraded to a trailer trike or a hand/foot propelled trike
  • Easily reconfigured with different gearing ratio’s, drive systems, braking systems, and control systems – valuable service if a rider’s ability is likely to change.
  • Replaceable frame sections (lifespan extenders) are available as the rider grows


Available in Yellow and Green to special order:


90cm to 110cm, 110cm to 150cm

Carer Controlled Rear Steering and Braking by Carer), Carer Braking (Rear Braking by Carer), Fully Independent

Single Speed Fixed Drive, Single Speed Freewheel Drive, Single Speed Dual Drive (Fixed and Free)

Foot and Leg Supports, Trunk and Head Support, Fixed Handlebar Option (Carer Controlled Trikes Only), Lock-On Tow Bar, Gas Bottle, Suction Pump, Feeding Bag etc – brackets