The Roadhog Trike

A multi geared version of the Tomcat Fizz.

All Tomcat Trikes are bespoke builds, please call 01452 616 900 to discuss your requirements.

The Roadhog™ is a lightweight, high performance, multi geared trike for persons of 6 years to adult. It features an innovative low friction transmission; a Two Piece – Easily Transportable Frame and Tomcats Unique Make and Break Gear Change™ system.

Fact File

The Roadhog was designed for Ray, a 35 year old Jersey man with Cerebral Palsy.  Ray wanted a multi geared, low step through trike to keep him mobile.  He now uses it every day for work.  It was made commercially available and was enhanced with the innovative Two Piece Frame feature with “Make and Break” gear-change.


Mild to moderate physical disabilities, mild to moderate learning difficulties, visual impairment or blindness

Main Features

  • Tomcat’s unique satisfaction guarantee
  • Lightweight, low friction, high performance design
  • Low step through frame
  • Gearing to suit ability – up to 21 gear systems available
  • Tomcat’s integrated gear hub and axle system significantly minimises transmission losses, reduces general maintenance, drive complexity and weight
  • Tomcat’s famous Quick-Release Frame disassembles in seconds for easy transport
  • Easily converts to a Trailer Trike when bought as a Trailer Trike combination
  • Features the unique Tomcat Make and Break Gear Change System
  • Can be fitted with many Tomcat features e.g. full Carer Control, Carer Braking etc
  • Accepts most Tomcat support accessories

Optional Features

  • Full Carer Control
  • Carer Braking
  • Trailer Bar and Universal Joint
  • Foot shoes
  • Leg Supports
  • Fully adjustable Upholstered Backrest
  • Thoracic Lateral Support
  • Pelvic Lateral Support
  • Head support
  • Rocking handlebars
  • Lap belt
  • Pommel
  • Swivel Saddle
  • Transfer Step
  • Tomcat Mitts


Available in White, Black, Red, Blue, Sparkle Pink, Lilac and Sparkle Blue as standard:

Available in Yellow and Green to special order: