The story of an idea

In 1994 an Engineer called Bob Griffin (Tomcat Managing Director) met Tom an eight year-old with Angelman Syndrome and they became firm friends.  Tom’s severe learning difficulties meant it wouldn’t be safe for him to ride a trike outdoors, even a special needs trike, so in 1997 Bob invented one that would be.

It had a joystick at the rear, which was connected to the steering and brakes and gave Tom’s mum the means to do the tricky bits for him.  It was a great success and each weekend they would go for long, safe rides in the Cotswold countryside.  The Tomcat Trike was born! Since then Tomcat has given thousands of children enormous pleasure, freedom and helped them to achieve some remarkable feats.  Tomcat is now the leading trike specialist for children and young adults with special needs and is the only UK company that custom-builds its trikes.

This approach results in the best possible life expectancy, not seen in ‘ready-made’ trikes and makes the Tomcat Trike very cost effective.  From the success of the Tomcat Trike further products were to follow and the expanding portfolio includes the award winning Tomcat Chair, Tomcat Beds and the Tomcat Step.

Noted for its willingness to tackle difficult problems, Tomcat’s philosophy is to design and manufacture high quality and innovative special needs products that have style, comfort, flexibility and promote inclusion.  In the case of the Tomcat Trike, they are fun too!


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