The Tamara Trike

Mainly intended for hoist users, the Tamara offers uncluttered access to cycling.

All Tomcat Trikes are bespoke builds, please call 01452 616 900 to discuss your requirements.

By tilting the backrest system clear of the saddle area whilst the user is being seated. It offers similarly quick and easy access for ambulant users with co-ordination or overweight issues, and is particularly beneficial for organisations with manual handling policies that would otherwise prevent the use of a tricycle.

Fact File

The Tamara was designed in 2010 in co-operation with the Physiotherapy Department of Craig y Parc School – a centre of excellence for the education of those with Cerebral Palsy and other complex support needs. It was first made commercially available in March 2011.


Non ambulant Hoist users, or those with severe balance, co-ordination or overweight issues

Main Features

  • Tilting back-rest allows simple, uncluttered transfer for hoisted and overweight users
  • Tomcats innovative Swivel saddle ensures easier standing or hoisted transfer
  • Backrest is easily adjustable for height depth and tilt
  • Backrest has an exceptionally large range of adjustment
  • Tilt mechanism has a “memory” ensuring it resets to the same position after each use
  • Based on the Tomcat Quick Release System the Tamara disassembles into three manageable parts in seconds for easy storage and transport, making it even more compact than a Tomcat
  • Triangular frame geometry means a lightweight yet strong frame: non-destructively tested to support over quarter of a tonne (263kg)
  • Easily converts to a Trailer Trike when bought as a Trailer combination
  • Most Tomcat accessories fit the Tamara

Optional Features

  • Carer Control
  • Parent Brake
  • Foot shoes
  • Leg Supports
  • All Tomcat Head, Trunk and Pelvic Support Systems
  • Rocking (Tilting) handlebars
  • Lap belt
  • Pommel
  • Transfer Step
  • Swivel Saddle
  • American Saddle (Extra Size)
  • Tractor Saddle (Super Size)
  • Fixed or Dual Axel drive
  • Multi Geared Drive
  • Trailer Bar and Universal attachment


Available in Yellow and Green to special order: