The Tiger Trike

This trike features a maintenance-free, friction-free drive system so even children with very low muscle tone can pedal a Tiger.

All Tomcat Trikes are bespoke builds, please call 01452 616 900 to discuss your requirements.

Fact File

The Tiger’s striking and unusual design was a result of the designer’s determination to match the pedal spacing to the narrowness of a two year old’s pelvis. Three braking systems, steering controls and the drive system were all hidden within the Tiger body to achieve this. Regular export to Scandinavia began.


Young children over 75cm tall or 18 months in age, with visual impairment, mild to severe learning difficulties, and/or physical disability, children with restricted growth.

Main features

  • Two frame sizes are available, based on 12” and 14” wheels
  • Useable lifespan around 2 to 3 years (due to child out-growing it)
  • Each Tiger is custom made to the individual child’s requirements
  • A narrow pedal spacing to match a two year olds pelvis promotes good symmetry and reduces forced adduction
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Highly adjustable saddle height and handlebar depth
  • Smooth, silent, maintenance free timing belt drive is virtually friction free
  • No chains or oiling

Optional Accessories

Most Tomcat accessories are available including

  • Carer Control™ or Carer Braking™
  • Range of foot, leg, pelvis, trunk and head support
  • Mitts by Active Hands, made to Tomcat’s design
  • Oxygen bottle holders
  • Respiratory tract, evacuation pump holder

Available in Red, Sparkle Pink and Sparkle Blue as standard: