Tomcat Give and Take Scheme

Give and Take Scheme

When your child outgrows their Tomcat, most people want to see it go to a good home where it can benefit others. The “Give and Take” scheme does just that.


Donating your Tiger or Tomcat to the scheme

Thanks to our custom building policy, we expect a Tiger to have 2-3, and a Tomcat, 4-5 years of growth for your child, but if it’s been well looked after there will be many years of usefulness left in it. Here’s what happens when you donate a Tomcat:

  • We collect
  • We service it free of charge
  • We deliver it to an organization where many more children will benefit from it

Interested? Then just fill out the short ‘donation’ form below and upload four photos of your trike from North, South, East and West so we can check it’s in good nick, then we’ll set the wheels in motion.

Adopting a Tomcat trike through the “Give and Take” scheme

If you are a charitable or public funded organization that provides learning, respite or support facilities to children with special needs then you are eligible to “Adopt a Tomcat”. We want our adopted Tomcats to help as many children as possible, so we cannot donate them to individuals or residential facilities. Here are the stages to adopting a Tomcat:

  • You sign up and get your organisation put on our waiting list
  • We wait for a suitable Tomcat to become available as you move to the top of the list
  • We deliver it to your organisation

All we ask is that you cover our delivery costs and agree to our terms and conditions.

If you would like to “Adopt a Tomcat”, then just fill out the short ‘adoption’ form below to go on the waiting list. It will ask for information about the age range and typical disability of the children in your care so that we can match you to a suitable Trike when one becomes available.