Trikers do it better


This month we launch our campaign for cycling safety:


A few tips that if followed allow families to fully enjoy their Tomcat trikes (as well as any other special needs tricycle) safely.

The tips that will be reminded during this campaign are already contained in the manual that is delivered with every Tomcat trike. Nevertheless, after talking with some families, we realised that the manual is not always read and/or remembered thoroughly. Sometimes too much confidence could prevent carers from thinking about consequences of following simple safety rules.

Our aim is just to be helpful in the interest of all riders of special needs tricycles.

Obviously we are aware that there may be situations where some tips are not applicable (e.g. some children may not tolerate the helmet, or it can it can be difficult to avoid the traffic when you live in a big city!). So take from our tips whatever can be helpful to you and your kid and always remember safety first!

We are sure that you will help us to share and remind everybody about cycling safety!



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