What is the Tomcat Carer Control?


What is the Tomcat Carer Control?

Carer Control is a Tomcat invention that allows the carer to steer and brake the trike whilst the rider pedals.

It is used for riders who are unable to make these complex judgements for themselves, for example those who are visually impaired, have learning difficulties or have problems with their arms and hands.

Children like Cloe for example whose judgement is affected by Cerebral Palsy and learning difficulties.

How does Carer Control work; is it like a parent pole? 

IMG_1124No, a parent pole is a simple dragging or pushing arm clamped to the frame or handlebars and should not be confused with the Tomcat system… With Tomcat Carer Control, the carer can actually steer and brake for the rider, much like dual controls on a car.

When the Carer moves the arm left or right the trike steers left or right. Pull back on the joystick and the brakes are applied. Carer control also features ‘Automatic Speed Control‘. This is a novel feature that automatically restricts the speed of the trike to the carers walking speed no matter how steep the hill or how powerful the child. Other features include a park brake, safety wrist strap, a steering selector that disengages carer steering and enables full rider steering, and a fully folding arm for easier transport and storage.

Does the rider have the ‘feel of steering’ when using Carer Control?

Tomcat TrikesYes the handlebars are still active. This is important for the learning process, but the rider cannot override the Carer’s choices. When carer steering is de-selected the Carer can still apply the brake but the rider is in sole control of steering.

Why is the control behind the rider?

This position is close enough to attend to the rider’s needs without being a distraction and gives the rider a sense of independence and personal achievement.

These factors and the thrill of movement are the great incentive to get out in the fresh air and have fun!

Are Carer Controlled trikes safe to use outdoors, near a busy road for example?

Yes. The Tomcat trike is easier to use than a wheelchair or buggy and lots more fun. There are very few places you cannot take a Tomcat.



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